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Tomeco is a unique partnership between Belgian tomato growers, each with their own family-run business and years of exertise and experience. We share the same values and vision: working together to grow the best quality authentic tomatoes in a sustainabe, eco-friendly environment with respect for nature! ​ 

We are the proud producers of feel good tomatoes!

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We strive for continuous improvement and select only the very best varieties. Our broad range of tomatoes is produced year-round, in a sustainable and eco-friendly environment, adding to their 'feel-good' factor. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, and are happy to grow tomatoes specifically requested by our customers. 

Tomeco is a proud member of Coöperatie Hoogstraten, the organization responsible for all sales of our delicious produce.

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At Tomeco, we are proud to produce specialty tomatoes, all extraordinary in appearance and taste!

Our range of feel-good tomatoes consists of premium and everyday cooking varieties for both cold and hot use, as well as authentic heirloom tomatoes. 

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