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A short introduction of Tomeco and what we stand for as a company.

Let us introduce ourselves

Tomeco is a group of tomato growers, each with their own tomato growing company, who share the same values and vision.    


We believe in working together to produce the best quality authentic tomatoes we can grow, all in a sustainable, environment-friendly and innovative way. 


Tomeco tomatoes are speciality tomatoes, extraordinary in appearance and taste! 

The suppliers of Tomeco feel good tomatoes are: 

De Blackt  + Hortipower + LV Vlaemynck + Meer Fresh Products + 

Tomato Masters + Varom + VW Maxburg + VW Tuinderijen

Optimised production process 

We start with the selection of the best tomato varieties.  Our plants are cultivated on natural substrate in the most ideal conditions.  The right nutrients ensure our tomatoes get their full flavour.  We make maximum use of organic pest control, which contributes to our ambition to grow residue-free tomatoes all year round.    

Ripe tomatoes are harvested in our greenhouses every day.  Shuttle transport brings the freshly-picked tomatoes to the processing facility quickly and efficiently, where they are immediately transferred to the packaging selected by the customer.

Internal and external audits by various quality labels (such as Flandria, Responsibly Fresh and Global Gap) contribute to a high-quality, reliable product.

What makes our tomatoes feel good tomatoes?

Watch the short video clip to find out!

Producing feel good tomatoes is our mission 

The centuries-old tomato, with its origins in South America, is now available in a variety of colours, flavours, shapes and sizes. At Tomeco, we grow specially-selected tomato varieties, with respect for nature and tradition, in a modern and ecological environment.  We are convinced that the combination of authenticity and expertise form the key to success. 

Once ripe on the vine, our tomatoes are harvested and packaged straight away.  Automation, flexibility and quality control play a major part in our process to ensure we provide our customers with only the best tomatoes: delicious, fresh and healthy!

Sustainable cultivation

Our feel good tomatoes are grown at various locations, adding up to 79 acres of greenhouses.  Besides the production of sustainable energy by means of a combined heat and power generator (CHP), we also make significant investments in CO 2 neutral heat from biomass combustion.  At Tomeco, we aim to minimise our primary energy inputs.  Thanks to our 100% closed-loop irrigation system, our impact on water supplies is also very limited. 

Only by producing our tomatoes in a sustainable and fair environment can we provide our customers with feel good tomatoes.  We also invest in our employees to reinforce this mission, and this really pays off!   Satisfied employees contribute to the quality of our product.  As another principle of or company, we create opportunities for people who would otherwise have poor employment prospects.  Student interns are also given the chance to discover their talents at Tomeco.