A super healthy and veggie salad recipe with a Mediterranean twist. 

Recipe serves 2


6 A'Roma tomatoes

2 tbsp fresh basil

1 roast pepper

30g quinoa tricolore

1 handful baby spinach

4 sundried tomatoes

1 tbsp roasted pine nuts

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt & black pepper


Frist, cook the quinoa, set aside and allow to cool.  It's important the quinoa has fully cooled down before assembling your salad.

Start by adding the olive oil, salt and pepper to the jar.

Quarter the tomatoes, and add to the herbs & oil. Chopping the tomatoes will make this salad extra juicy. 

Finely chop the roast pepper, and layer on top of the tomatoes. 

Spoon over the cooled down quinoa.

Finally, add the spinach all the way to the top of the jar, and finish with a sprinkle of roasted pine nuts and finely sliced sun-dried tomatoes.

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