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‘The tomato plant is a magnificant crop, it grows incredibly fast and produces an abundance of fruit!‘




Raf’s lifelong passion for tomatoes started from a very young age at his father’s company. In 2003, he took over the family business. A few years later, Liesbet joined the company as accounting wizard.

‘Collaboration between different growers is increasingly important. At Tomeco, we share our knowledge and expertise to help each other grow as well as our tomatoes!’


‘These days, there are many more different varieties and segments of tomatoes than we used to have. Each variety has its own challenges and specifications. This makes growing much more diverse and interesting! All these varieties allow us to offer the consumer much more choice in colour, scent, texture and use!’


‘My fingerlicking tomato recipe: Caprese tapas with Strabena tomatoes, mozarella and fresh basil.’

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