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Tom graduated as industrial engineer in agriculture and bio technology. After his studies he started work at VW Tuinderijen, where his passion for growing tomatoes began. In 2004 Tom co-founded the Hortipower company. Summy is the administrative rock of the business.


‘We are proud to be part of Tomeco, a brand and community that shows our passion, commitment and authenticity.’ 


Mouth-watering tomato recipe: ‘Kubello tomatoes with rocket, pine nuts, truffle oil, salt & pepper. Summy’s fresh lasagne with San Marzano tomatoes is the best there is!’ 


‘Our favourite tomato has to be Strabena: tasty and versatile!’  

‘It’s an art to grow tomatoes as sweet and delicious as candy!‘

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‘Collaboration is of utmost importance  to future-proof our business! We are stronger as a group!’




Dirk’s parents were tomato growers, so the choice to grow tomatoes was easy. Along with his wife, he grew tomatoes for a number of years. In 2007, Dirk co-founded Hortipower along with Tom Lefevre and John Vermeiren. 

‘Collaboration has to be the most important factor to future-proof our business. Not only between growers, but also with Coöperatie Hoogstraten. After all, we are stronger as a group!’ 

‘My favourite tomato recipe? You can never go wrong with a simple, fresh tomato soup made with San Marzano tomatoes’. 

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