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These spooky little treats are easy to make and delicious! The perfect recipe to get the kids involved! 

Makes 8 little pies

Dairy free, vegetarian

puff pastry

300g Intense tomatoes

sun-dried tomatoes

1 garlic clove

50g Parmesan cheese



whole peppercorns

Halloween cookie cutters

Blanch, skin and finely chop the tomatoes. Grate the cheese and garlic and mix with 1/2 tsp of thyme and 1/2 tsp of rosemary. Add the tomatoes and mix well. 

Using a cookie cutter of your choice, cut out figures from the puff pastry. Add 1 tbsp of tomatoes on half of the pastry cut outs. 

Wet the edges of the pastry with a little bit of water. This will help the pastry stick together. Lay the empty puff pastry shapes on top of the shapes with filling. Make sure the edges line up neatly. 

If you're making little ghosts like we did, you can use whole peppercorns for the eyes. 

Bake 20mins in the oven at 200C. Serve warm. 

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