Lycopene anyone?


Tomatoes are not just sweet, juicy and delicious! They are an ancient superfood and have long been known for their impressive health benefits! 


Packed with nutrients and minerals, tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant that will boost your immune system), vitamin K (for blood clotting, wound healing and healthy bones), potassium (controls blood sugar and helps prevent heart disease) and folate (tissue growth and cell function), as well as the antioxidant lycopene. Lycopene has many health benefits on its own, including reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. 


All tomatoes contain lycopene, but ripe, red tomatoes contain the most! Cooking your tomatoes will ensure you’re getting even more lycopene! So make the most of your ripe tomatoes and turn them into a heartwarming tomato soup or delicious sauce. 


The lycopene and carotenoids also help protect your eyes against damaging UV light.  

Tomatoes also contain a lot of fiber, which helps to keep the digestive system healthy by preventing gastrointestinal issues. 

Check out this link for recipes. 

Beauty sleep or fresh tomatoes?

Studies have shown that regularly eating fresh (and cooked) tomatoes has great benefits for your skin. They help prevent wrinkles and keep your skin looking younger for longer! The combined nutrients in a tomato even help to prevent sunburn (but don’t stop using that sunscreen just yet!). 

The most versatile piece of fruit on the market 


Even though tomatoes are used as a vegetable, they are actually a fruit. Can you think of another fruit that’s so versatile? Whether you’re looking to make soup, pasta sauce, a salad, a sandwich, a quick snack, or if you just want a refreshing juice or even a cocktail, the tomato is on the job! 

Never say ‘just a tomato’


There are so many different varieties of tomatoes! Each with their own distinct colour or pattern, size, shape, taste and texture! All these different varieties make for different uses. Some tomatoes are perfect for sauces (San Marzano), others will make a beautiful salad (check out our Aroma mix), while others are the perfect all-rounder that can be used for just about any recipe!  


Not sure which tomatoes to use for which recipe? Check out our handy Tomeco tomato guide here

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