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In our greenhouses, we grow a variety of feel good tomatoes. 

Every year we revise our varieties to make sure our customers only receive the very best quality.

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The Sweetest Queen midi plum vine is deliciously sweet, making these little tomatoes perfect for both hot and cold dishes. Cold as a snack, garnish or in a salad. Hot grilled in the oven or on the BBQ.

Sweetest Queen tomatoes are firmly attached to the stem. Even after 7 days of storage, when baked in the oven or when shaken, fruits will remain attached, which contributes directly to food waste reduction.

Image by Clay Banks

Tomatoes and their benefits

Tomatoes are not just delicious! They have an  abundance of health properties as well!

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Tomato varieties and their different uses

Every tomato variety has different properties and different uses. From soups to sauces to salads, find out which tomatoes are best used for your recipe.

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